Process Overview

Scheduling Green Tech Vault Pick Up:

1. Receive and secure your Green Tech Vault.
2. Attach the top lid and review the accepted materials list.
3. Fill the Green Tech Vault with accepted materials.
4. Secure the lid and affix the number tag and pickup tags.
5. Schedule a pickup by contacting us or using our Green Tech Vault app.
6. Move the Green Tech Vault to the pickup location.
7. Materials are securely separated, destroyed, and recycled.
8. Receive a certificate of destruction (COD) for most services.
9. Download our Green Tech Vault app to conveniently schedule pickups for receptacles, locations, and our Nordsense Program, with specific pickup dates.

Arranging a Room Pick Up through the Green Tech Vault App:

1. Download the Green Tech Vault App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Open the app and navigate to the schedule pick-up option.
3. Fill in the required information, including the location and date for the pick up.
4. Prepare an inventory list of the E-Recycling and E-Waste materials to be collected.
5. Prior to the pick up, ensure a compliance sheet is signed off to confirm which materials have been wiped of data and which have not.
6. Submit the request through the app and await confirmation.
7. On the scheduled pick-up date, our team will arrive at the designated location.
8. Present the inventory list and compliance sheet to our team for verification.
9. Our team will collect the designated materials and securely load them into the Green Tech Vault.
10. Once the pick-up is complete, you will receive a confirmation and any necessary documentation.
11. The collected materials will be safely transported to our facility for secure separation, destruction, and recycling.
12. Green Tech Vault will provide a certificate of destruction (COD) for the services rendered.

The Nordsense Program:

Green Tech Vault Powered by Nordsense is offered to municipalities in their residents and businesses alike in fast tracking e-waste collection and pickup scheduling in half the time as compared to your local trash collectors. Here’s a step-by-step overview:

1. Attach Sensors: Sensors are installed on Green Tech Vault receptacles to monitor fill levels in real-time.
2. Access Nordsense Dashboard: Municipalities and businesses can access the Nordsense Dashboard through the website or app. This provides updates and alerts about receptacle fill levels.
3. Schedule Pickups: When the Nordsense receptacles are full, customers can download the Green Tech Vault app to schedule pickups. Specific pickup dates are available based on the city, ensuring an efficient collection process for residents and businesses.
4. Record Items and Wipe Data: Customers should make a note of all items placed in the receptacles and ensure that data on electronic devices is wiped before disposal. Failure to comply may result in automatic destruction of the device.

By participating in the Nordsense Program, customers can enjoy real-time monitoring, timely pickups, and a streamlined process for recycling and disposing of electronic waste.

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